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Aralco POS and ERP Software System

Focusing on multi-store operations in a wide variety of industries, Aralco POS has advanced functionality that can be easily customized for specific business needs. We help clients stay ahead of unceasing business demands since 1982

The POS system archives, tracks and analyzes literally thousands of types of data related to products, sales statistics, special orders, locations, customer profiles, staff performance, and inventory movements. Information is available on a real-time basis so that businesses can base their decisions on accurate and timely facts.

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Backoffice : Designed to work in both small or multistore retail networks, Aralco BOS has advanced  functionality that can be easily customized.

Point of Sale : Aralco’s POS is ease-to-use  and flexible featuring precise inventory management, fast card processing and strong sales history tracking.

Mobile System : Mobile Apps are now available featuring Product Lookup, Inventory Lookup by all locations, Physical counts and more.

Reporting : Full user definable report generator that can access  ANY part of your database with related information.

Aralco BackOffice

The Back Office System is the nerve center of the Aralco program which includes product setup, inventory management, purchasing, receiving, transfers, return to vendor, adjustments report generation, inventory and shipment history, customer profiling, staff performance and more. Analyzing information in real time, Aralco enables retailers to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability.

Aralco Point of Sale

Flexible, User-friendly Point of Sale System

The Aralco point of sale system is extremely flexible and user-friendly. Sales staff can be trained to use the POS system within 30 minutes. Full training for all functions can take place in less than 2 hours. Aralco offers the end-user POS screen design tools as well as complete customization of functional applications.

Your customers expect a seamless shopping experience across all channels.


Unified Shopping Solutions

Integrate the modern ways of shopping and the omnichannel customer experience. Yourcegid Retail lets you offer your customers an integrated, customized and seamless shopping experience, on the web, in-store or on their smartphones.

Global growth

Benefit from an international retail solution. Combining expert capabilities and global coverage, Yourcegid Retail is deployed in 75 countries, localized for 61 countries and available in 25 languages, enabling you to manage your business and processes on a global scale while accounting for local specificities.

Enhanced performance

Benefit from cutting-edge technologies designed specifically for your business. Mobility, cloud, BI, store digitization, etc. Yourcegid Retail enables you to consult and use all of your data to make informed decisions.

In-store, omnichannel POS solution: Optimize sales performances by allowing customers to finish an Online purchase or reserve an out-of-stock item in-store, and much more

Omnicommerce: Can manage all your customer interactions, no matter when, where or on what device they occur to deliver a connected customer experience

Merchandise Management: Yourcegid Retail Merchandise Management gives you complete control over your products – from defining categorisation and brand classification, to managing suppliers, delivery dates and initial allocation across your estate. We’ll provide the key data you need to make effective decisions.

Inventory Management: Yourcegid Retail Inventory Management has real-time capabilities up to the second, so you know exactly what stock is needed, where, at any moment in time. This information is vital in producing a unified vision of the entire purchasing process, on demand.

Mobile: Yourcegid Retail Mobile is available on a range of iOS devices, the solution has sales person identification so you can attribute sales to your in-store sales staff. It accepts a selection of payment methods, including credit cards, gift cards and cash and has full transactional capability including exchanges, returns and e-receipts. The solution is fully PCI compliant.

Clienteling, CRM & Loyalty: Yourcegid Retail Mobile Clienteling gives you a 360° view of your customer. You can access customer sales history, loyalty programs and campaign ROI and abandoned baskets. You see your customers’ social media interaction with your brand, reviews as well as likes and shares. Personalized offers and promotions, invitations to private sales, special birthday discounts… CRM is effective when consumers feel they are unique and treated as such by the retailer.

POS & Store Management: It’s amazing how many sales fall through at the last moment, simply because your payment process isn’t optimized. Fully integrates transactions into the sales process, to create a seamless checkout experience for your customers. A tailor-made solution that adapts to your management processes and rules, including the integration of data encryption and tokenization security solutions for full PCI DSS and EMV compliance.

Analytics and Data Management: Yourcegid Retail Intelligence boasts a portfolio of more than 80 pre-defined reports for managing key aspects of your business, including inventory management, staff performance, profitability indicators and omnichannel vision.

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