Security Systems

CCTV and central monitoring systems surveillance CCTV (closed circuit television) systems facilitates live and recorded videos/images. Central monitoring systems (CMS) controls all the cameras with an authorized person connected via LAN, in local control rooms. CCTV and CMS together offers high-speed seamless operation for best performance in organization.


Video Storage

With video surveillance systems, we can provide live and recorded video feed with sophisticated camera systems for verification and backup processes.

Intruder Alarms

Based on our industrial expertise, we offer a sophisticated supervised system with latest technology (sensors or detectors) that detect unwanted entry. The system transit radio signals between components (sensor and control unit). The control unit which is the core of most security alarm systems receive signals from the sensors. The panic button allows you to activate the alarm manually. Either, activated remotely or as a fixed unit.

Security Barriers

Barriers combine high security with unrivalled elegance. For discriminating architects and organizations or property managers serious about controlling building access, there is no better choice. Our barriers comes in 3 types: Sensor controlled, Remote controlled and Access Card Controlled systems.

Access Control

Our access control solution provides advanced control system for high security and convenience. Users can manage their human resource effectively by monitoring access history and current conditions of visitors. Unexpected accidents can be prevented by remote control in emergency. Confidential documents and assets can be protected by accurate access control solution.

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