Time & Attendance

Our Time & Attendance Solution manages access records obtained from authentication server. There is no need of additional installation of Time & Attendance devices as a fingerprint recognition device can be used as the basis of an integrated system.
In addition, access records are strictly managed based on fake fingerprint detection function.
Thus, manipulation of work hours can be prevented in advance.

Features :

  • Aggregated T&A data monitoring
  • Prevention of manipulating work hour
  • Remote control of T&A for employees who work outside of offic
  • Providing two choices- Stand alone, Network
  • Interoperable with ERP

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IP65 Fingerprint – Card Terminal with Bluetooth Mobile Key


  • Bluetooth-enabled mobile key solution
  • UNIS-B PLUS : App for administrators
  • V-CARD : App for mobile key users
  • Optical sensor and algorithm detect fake fingers (paper,film, silicone, rubber and gelatin)
  • Communication protocol support that allows peripheral devices to interface with control panels or other security mgmt. systems
  • Outdoor installation


Bluetooth-enabled Smart Fingerprint Terminal


  • IP65 level of Dustproof / Waterproof structure
  • 1. 77 inch Color Screen – Intuitive UI , simplifies operation
  • Records a digital image of each user at the time of the transaction. (640 x 480 pixel)


High Performance Fingerprint / Card Terminal

This state of the art terminal embraces the latest technology with a large color touch screen LCD, embedded digital camera and extremely fast processor.


  • 1.3 Mega Pixel Digital Camera – Records a digital image of each user at the time of the transaction
  • 5 inch Color TFT Touch Screen – Intuitive UI , simplifies operation User definable screen layout and background.
  • USB Memory – Transfers configuration settings, images, firmware and transaction logs using a USB Memory Stick.
  • Proximity Sensor – Recognizes the approach of a user and automatically turns on the LCD and keypad. Reduces power consumption.


High performance Face&Fingerprint Recognition Terminal

AC-7000 is the latest access controller with fake finger detection and a tilt camera which automatically detects a face within 3m. Its 5″ touch LCD and familiar UI such as Android smartphone Apps greatly enhance user convenience.


  • Auto height angle adjustment – A tilt camera offers auto face detection. No need to lower posture or bend the knees
  • Face detection in the dark – IR LED Camera offers user convenience as it detects face even in the dark without any trouble.
  • Simultaneous double authentication by Dual CPU – Dual CPU provides fast simultaneous face & fingerprint double authentication.
  • VoIP support – VoIP with improved sound quality is provided.

UNIS 4. 0

Access Control S/W Main Features

UNIS is an integrated management software for access control, time and attendance, and meal management with powerful control functionality. It is suited for any type of business from small-scale to large-scale. As UNIS supports an IP-based network, it provides effective management functions


  • Log Management – Provides access history in particular time, Modified history and event history on the terminal
  • Terminal Management-Manages terminal registration, administrator designation and terminal configuration. Remote terminal/entrant control
  • User Management – Manages employees and visitors separately. A setting function that assigns the user and admin based on their authority level

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Mobile Key System

(AC5100, AC1100,AC2200,AC2000,FMD-10)

Mobile Key System incorporates mobile access into the current conventional access control system. Visitors can simply open the door with their smartphones while an admin monitors and controls the access at a distant office.


  • Smartphone as Access Key
  • Remote Key Issuing through SMS
  • Real-time Access Event Monitoring
  • Compatible with Access Control Solution


  • Maximized user convenience by remotely issuing the access keys via SMS.
  • Maintenance cost is cut down by replacing access cards with intangible mobile keys.
  • Greater work efficiency by integrating with current access control systems.

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